Month: July 2019

Why Do I Pinch When I Squat?

Why Do I Pinch When I Squat?   Are you having pain and pinching in the front of your hip when performing your squat workouts? Hip pinching, clicking, clunking, and groin pain can be indicative of either a structural or functional hip impingement. So what causes this and how do we fix it?   Structural

Shoulder Health for the Nerdy Lifter

Let’s talk shoulders.   Let’s face it: strong looking arms and chest can be the hallmark of your fitness goals. Having good muscular definition in the shoulders can build the physique that you’re striving for. That “ball-and-socket” joint does so much for us every day and treating them right can pay off.   But things

8 neck exercises that will make your neck stiffness disappear

Neck weakness in the gym Everyone has seen the lifter in the gym that is doing dumbbell bicep curls with weight that is clearly too heavy for them.  While doing bicep curls, they’re also doing oblique crunches with their neck. Talk about a two for one. Of course this person should clearly drop in weight,