Author: Brendan Glackin

Maxillomandibular Surgery and TMJ Pain

Although maxillomandibular surgery is used to improve the structure of the jaw, a handful of orofacial and temporomandibular (TMJ) joint disorders can arise post-surgery.  Let’s begin by discussing what the surgery is.  Afterwards, if you underwent maxillomandibular advancement surgery and are looking for ways to improve your symptoms, look for tips at the end of

3 Stretches That Will Make Your Plantar Fasciitis Disappear

Plantar Fasciitis Heel pain is a common symptom that seemingly happens out of the blue. To runners and weightlifters, the feeling of soreness in the front of the heel can leave a pit in their stomach. This is because plantar fasciitis, a condition that can be tough to improve, may be the cause. This leads

Costochondritis: stress on the chest

Costochondritis   Most people will not be able to tell you anything about costochondritis. The name itself is obscure enough to keep most people from researching the condition! In terms of the weight room, costochondritis effects the “chest day is everyday” type of lifter or the person who ramps up their upper body work outs

Core Strength, Back Pain and Deadlifting

Let’s talk “Core” Strength and its influence on low back pain. From ‘slipped disc’s, sciatica, “butt wink,” and everything in between, its easy to see why conversations about the low back can get complicated quickly. So to clear things up, let’s talk about why the “core” is a critical component of low back health.  Then,

Why Do I Pinch When I Squat?

Why Do I Pinch When I Squat?   Are you having pain and pinching in the front of your hip when performing your squat workouts? Hip pinching, clicking, clunking, and groin pain can be indicative of either a structural or functional hip impingement. So what causes this and how do we fix it?   Structural

Shoulder Health for the Nerdy Lifter

Let’s talk shoulders.   Let’s face it: strong looking arms and chest can be the hallmark of your fitness goals. Having good muscular definition in the shoulders can build the physique that you’re striving for. That “ball-and-socket” joint does so much for us every day and treating them right can pay off.   But things

8 neck exercises that will make your neck stiffness disappear

Neck weakness in the gym Everyone has seen the lifter in the gym that is doing dumbbell bicep curls with weight that is clearly too heavy for them.  While doing bicep curls, they’re also doing oblique crunches with their neck. Talk about a two for one. Of course this person should clearly drop in weight,

Deadlifts and Low Back Pain: Causes and Solutions

Are deadlifts contributing to your low back pain?   Deadlifting is one of the most important core lifts at a bodybuilder’s disposal. Multi-joint, dynamic lifts, like this, have shown in research to build more muscle than any other types of lifts. It engages multiple joints and is a catalyst to gaining muscle in your legs,

6 questions to know for your TMJ healthcare provider

Maximizing time with your TMJ Provider In today’s modern healthcare system, with increased patient volume and reduced clinicians, it can be tough to get proper time with your physical therapist or dentist when seeking out care. (However, this is not the case at Glackin Physiotherapy, where we see patients one-on-one for one hour!). In these

How the ringing in your ears could be a TMJ disorder (TMD)

TMJ disorder: A personal story I recently had a patient with TMJ disorder (TMD) come in to the clinic with ringing in her ears. “I’ve tried everything,” she stated with discouragement, “I’ve seen my doctor and he said there’s nothing wrong with my ears. But I can’t get rid of this dang ringing!” 1 hour