Author: Brendan Glackin

6 questions to know for your TMJ healthcare provider

In today’s modern healthcare system, with increased patient volume and reduced clinicians, it can be tough to get proper time with your physical therapist or dentist when seeking out care. (However, this is not the case at Glackin Physiotherapy, where we see patients one-on-one for one hour!). In these particular cases it’s important to know

How the ringing in your ears could be a TMJ disorder (TMD)

TMJ disorder: A personal story I recently had a patient with TMJ disorder (TMD) come in to the clinic with ringing in her ears. “I’ve tried everything,” she stated with discouragement, “I’ve seen my doctor and he said there’s nothing wrong with my ears. But I can’t get rid of this dang ringing!” 1 hour

Do you know why tight muscles contribute to your headache?

It is estimated that about 80% of individuals experience headache on a regular basis (1).  If you’re a headache sufferer, I empathize with you. Light sensitivity, nausea, isolation are just some of the many side effects that those with headaches endure.  Isolation due to pain continues to plague the life of those with migraines.  

For Those who Associate Pain with Age –

AGING. That’s a word that strikes fear into almost every individual over the age of 25.  What do you think of when you read the word?  Pain? Osteoarthritis? Does your mind wander to a hunched gray-haired individual with a walker? Does it suggest loneliness and inactivity?   What does aging mean to you? What surprises

Why you shouldn’t see just a Chiropractor OR a PT: An honest review

Let me start this article by saying I am a physical therapist. As my interest in spinal rehabilitation developed, I noticed an increasing amount of hostility between chiropractors and physical therapists about who’s more right, who’s full of b.s., etc. In fact, I stumbled across a YouTube video, in which a chiropractor said openly to

How to Improve your Overhead WODs

I’ve seen a great deal of CrossFitters all over the Baltimore area.  If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about CrossFit (and even experienced myself), it is a very competitive workout regimen.  Every WOD ends with, “How many rounds?” and “What was your time?”  What some athletes may not realize is that lack of muscle mobility

“A Physical Therapist? Don’t you just exercise old people?”

“A Physical Therapist? Don’t you just exercise old people?”   This statement surprised me.  I was spending a night out with a handful of friends in downtown D.C. when I met a radiology resident.  A healthcare professional.  Someone who understands the medical system. He had no idea what a physical therapist did.   I laughed

Traction for neck pain: research and take home message

Today we’ll focus on what the research says about traction for neck pain and how to use it to our advantage.  Contrary to last week’s blog detailing the benefits of traction for low back pain, the literature on traction for neck pain is slightly more promising.   What the research on traction says:   Before

Will traction improve low back pain?

Great question.  We frequently encounter this question from patients dealing with new or long standing history of low back pain (note: leg pain not included).   The response is two fold: 1. What does the scientific evidence say about this, and 2. How do I respond to a neighbor that swears against traction or is

Does your jaw pain prevent you from chewing like this pup?

  A couple of months ago, I encountered a patient suffering from jaw pain. Her symptoms began as a subtle ache in front of her right ear. At the time, it was nothing debilitating or problematic. Over the course of the year, however, her symptoms progressively worsened. She became unable to open her jaw without