Shoulder Health for the Nerdy Lifter

Let’s talk shoulders.   Let’s face it: strong looking arms and chest can be the hallmark of your fitness goals. Having good muscular definition in the shoulders can build the

8 neck exercises that will make your neck stiffness disappear

Neck weakness in the gym Everyone has seen the lifter in the gym that is doing dumbbell bicep curls with weight that is clearly too heavy for them.  While doing bicep curls, they’re also doing

Deadlifts and Low Back Pain: Causes and Solutions

Are deadlifts contributing to your low back pain?   Deadlifting is one of the most important core lifts at a bodybuilder’s disposal. Multi-joint, dynamic lifts, like this, have shown in

6 questions to know for your TMJ healthcare provider

In today’s modern healthcare system, with increased patient volume and reduced clinicians, it can be tough to get proper time with your physical therapist or dentist when seeking out care.

How the ringing in your ears could be a TMJ disorder (TMD)

TMJ disorder: A personal story I recently had a patient with TMJ disorder (TMD) come in to the clinic with ringing in her ears. “I’ve tried everything,” she stated with discouragement,

Do you know why tight muscles contribute to your headache?

It is estimated that about 80% of individuals experience headache on a regular basis (1).  If you’re a headache sufferer, I empathize with you. Light sensitivity, nausea, isolation are just

For Those who Associate Pain with Age –

AGING. That’s a word that strikes fear into almost every individual over the age of 25.  What do you think of when you read the word?  Pain? Osteoarthritis? Does your mind wander to a

Why you shouldn’t see just a Chiropractor OR a PT: An honest review

Let me start this article by saying I am a physical therapist. As my interest in spinal rehabilitation developed, I noticed an increasing amount of hostility between chiropractors and physical

How to Improve your Overhead WODs

I’ve seen a great deal of CrossFitters all over the Baltimore area.  If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about CrossFit (and even experienced myself), it is a very competitive workout regimen.

“A Physical Therapist? Don’t you just exercise old people?”

“A Physical Therapist? Don’t you just exercise old people?”   This statement surprised me.  I was spending a night out with a handful of friends in downtown D.C. when I met a