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Core Strength, Back Pain and Deadlifting

Let’s talk “Core” Strength and its influence on low back pain. From ‘slipped disc’s, sciatica, “butt wink,” and everything in between, its easy to see why conversations about the low back can get complicated quickly. So to clear things up, let’s talk about why the “core” is a critical component of low back health.  Then,

Deadlifts and Low Back Pain: Causes and Solutions

Are deadlifts contributing to your low back pain?   Deadlifting is one of the most important core lifts at a bodybuilder’s disposal. Multi-joint, dynamic lifts, like this, have shown in research to build more muscle than any other types of lifts. It engages multiple joints and is a catalyst to gaining muscle in your legs,

Why you shouldn’t see just a Chiropractor OR a PT: An honest review

Let me start this article by saying I am a physical therapist. As my interest in spinal rehabilitation developed, I noticed an increasing amount of hostility between chiropractors and physical therapists about who’s more right, who’s full of b.s., etc. In fact, I stumbled across a YouTube video, in which a chiropractor said openly to

Will traction improve low back pain?

Great question.  We frequently encounter this question from patients dealing with new or long standing history of low back pain (note: leg pain not included).   The response is two fold: 1. What does the scientific evidence say about this, and 2. How do I respond to a neighbor that swears against traction or is

Recovery from Chronic Low Back Pain: Where to begin?

Chronic low back pain has been a debilitating part of your daily life.  You want to improve your symptoms but are not sure where to start.  As this blog outlines, there are typically two types of pain management strategies that individuals use to cope with chronic low back pain: avoid painful movements altogether, or work through pain until

Chronic Low Back Pain: How do we fix it?

More often than not, individuals attend physical therapy for low back pain psychologically defeated.  They have heard from their physician, healthcare professional, or neighbor that their chronic low back pain is a result of their herniated disc or degenerated spine, both of which are untreatable without surgery and pharmaceuticals.  The truth is, pain is not generated from the