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Traction for neck pain: research and take home message

Today we’ll focus on what the research says about traction for neck pain and how to use it to our advantage.  Contrary to last week’s blog detailing the benefits of traction for low back pain, the literature on traction for neck pain is slightly more promising.   What the research on traction says:   Before

Will traction improve low back pain?

Great question.  We frequently encounter this question from patients dealing with new or long standing history of low back pain (note: leg pain not included).   The response is two fold: 1. What does the scientific evidence say about this, and 2. How do I respond to a neighbor that swears against traction or is

Does your jaw pain prevent you from chewing like this pup?

  A couple of months ago, I encountered a patient suffering from jaw pain. Her symptoms began as a subtle ache in front of her right ear.  At the time, it was nothing debilitating or problematic. Over the course of the year, however, her symptoms progressively worsened. She became unable to open her jaw without

Site Launch!

Hi All, Welcome to Glackin Physiotherapy, LLC.  I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made this dream a reality.  I’ve decided to dedicate this space to a bi-weekly movement letter.  Included will be a summary of the current book chapters I am reading, as well as ways to translate the information to